Web Hosting with Shopping CartWell, think about the scenario when you visit your nearest shopping mall last time. What do the shopping executives do? They help you with a shopping cart, so that you can choose and keep the products you want.

So is equally true for any online business.

If you have a business website, having your web hosting with shopping cart feature must be what you are looking for.

But things are way too different when it comes to ecommerce website than that of a physical shopping mall. It is mainly because of online frauds and security issues.

People when shop from your website want to know if their transaction details are safe with your website or not. Gaining trust online is not an easy job. They need to make a secured choice with their most confidential information such as legal names, credit card details, address, DOB, etc.

But There Is a Serious Problem

Unfortunately, not all web hosting companies can come up with up to the mark web hosting with shopping cart facility.

Usually they come up with problems like –

Not Enough Secured: Getting you at higher risk of being hacked by the hackers

Not Enough Stable: Not all third party shopping scripts can work well. For example, GoDaddy doesn’t support many scripts running with Ioncube loader, or at least they create lots of complications.

Most of times, it is really difficult to manage for a technically challenged person.

Not Enough Reliable: Reliability is a major factor when it comes to web hosting with shopping cart feature. After all, you don’t want to lose your customers just because your site is down or broken into pieces.

Not Compatible to All Plans – This is a strange problem that is common to many web hosting companies. They do not allow web hosting with shopping cart feature enabled in all their plans. Really silly way to send the products with higher price tag, isn’t it?

Why Hostgator is the Best Solution

To me, as always Hostgator is the best solution.


Is this just because I am promoting them? Nah, Nada, No!

Being a long-term user of Hostgator (completing my three years now) and hosting over 10 website with them, I never faced any problems with Hostgator.

More important, Hostgator web hosting with shopping cart facility comes with each and every web hosting plan.

The bottom line is: no matter what the size of your business, no matter what plan you choose according to your budget, Hostgator web hosting is always there for you.

Secondly, Hostgator supports almost all major third-party ecommerce solutions including Magneto, Noah’s Quicksell Classifieds, phpCOIN, PrestaShop, SugarCRM, TomatoCart, Vtiger CRM and ZenCart.

And that also you can install through QuickInstall through CPanel – there is no need to install the script manually even.

This is not all.

Hostgator also integrates an in-built shopping cart feature to make your ecommerce web hosting experience much easier and effective.

This is called ShopSite, a fully integrated SE optimized shopping cart with advanced and secured payment facilities. Depending on what your specific requirement is, you can choose from Starter, Manager or Pro pack.

So, choice is all yours. I would recommend you to go for Hostgator because they are not only reliable, but have all those features that you need in a web hosting with shopping cart enabled service. Also they have monthly billing with monthly payments facility, so the choice is really flexible for you. Now it’s your turn to decide.