Are You Looking for Web Hosting with Unlimited Transfer and Traffic?

Web Hosting Unlimited TransferWhen you just start off, the fair game that you want to play is looking for affordable reliable web hosting service. In your effort to find out an affordable solution, you may land up to limited bandwidth and worried a bit about how your allocated hosting option can handle the traffic.

Before we dig deeper, let’s first take a brief note on bandwidth and how it relates to your web hosting options.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that one is allowed to have in his web hosting package. Now, let’s assume that one of your pages weighs 57KB in size. Say,  you have 100 visitors downloaded your page, that means, they are downloading 57 x 100 = 5700KB, which means the total amount of data transfer is 5700KB.

Personal Note: I’m using Hostgator baby plan for the past 3 years. This website is also hosted at Hostgator. All their plans come with unlimited transfer and unlimited storage. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Hostgator plans and pricing here

Well, let’s take a closer look at the calculation. What are the important factors that decide the amount of data transfer?

  • Size of your website
  • Number of visitors you have on your website

So, when your website is not so big, it is not enough popular (translating into low volume of visitors) and you are not offering audio or video downloads, you are riding on the safe zone. On an average, a website uses 300-500MB of bandwidth / month.

Law of Unlimited Attraction

Quite obviously, people still look for unlimited hosting plan with a fear of paying more if the amount of data transfer exceeds the limited plan. In fact, to satisfy this desire of their customers most web hosting companies offer unlimited hosting plan against a few extra pounds per month.

But does this truly exist?

Unfortunately, for most of the web hosting companies it doesn’t REALLY exist. And this is why most webmasters and site owners mention unlimited transfer and traffic plan is nothing but a myth.

Here are some quick reasons that strengthen their notion:

  • The secret of ‘unlimited transfer’ is actually overshadowed by the fine prints of Terms & Service. If you closely look into this section, don’t be surprised even if you find that unlimited transfer actually translates into 980MB a month.
  • Typically hosting company gets illegitimately involved if you are used to allow visitors to access heavy weight audio / video files through your website in shared hosting plan, because these files eat up a lot of bandwidth.
  • Some just fool you with this feature. They take your money and you gradually experience a slower website and one day you get so much irritated that you switch your host and lose your money.

Isn’t There Any Viable Solution?

Well, most people recommend if you have small website with low bandwidth usage, then you can safely choose unlimited transfer. But tell me, if your site is small and it doesn’t even require much bandwidth, why the heck you need to go for unlimited bandwidth?

This is simply stupid.

Why I Recommend Hostgator?

Well, I strongly recommend Hostgator, especially when I just reconfirm the fine print issue with them; I think this one is the best reliable unlimited web hosting providers on web.

Why so?

Although I personally use Hostgator for multiple domains hosting for more than 30 websites (and most of them attract quite a huge number of visitors every month), I still visited their Technical Support department before I start writing this article for you and ask them how they define unlimited hosting plan – in other words, what is the limit for ‘unlimited transfer’?

They confirmed by saying ‘absolutely no limit’ and also discarding all the limitations of so-called ‘unlimited transfer’. Moreover, there is no additional cost involved with ‘unlimited transfer’ or ‘unlimited disk space’ usage – these features are available with each hosting plan they offer.

Yes, they do have a limitation on their weekly data backup if your size exceeds 20GB but that has nothing to do with unlimited transfer and traffic. Do I need to explain anything more?

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