Web Hosting Multiple Domains – Are You Looking for the Best Solution?

Web Hosting Multiple DomainsLong back, people had to buy hosting space for every single domain they bought and that were also too expensive. Time has changed, so is life and that changes the way we do and live online. Now web hosting with multiple domains plan is there for you to tackle this issue with ease and comfort.

For those, who do not know what web hosting with multiple domains is, let me tell you that it is just like running more than one site in a single hosting account without really bothering about paying anything extra for hosting additional domains.

Personal Note: I’m using Hostgator baby plan for the past 3 years. Their baby plan and business plan allow multiple domains under one hosting account. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Hostgator plans and pricing here

In other words, once you go for such web hosting plan, you just need to pay for domains, but never pay for hosting account once it is setup. Isn’t it really wonderful, especially when you have no choice but to host multiple domains?

Let’s Find Out the Downsides First

First of all, shared hosting has its own downsides, no matter how supposedly good or reliable web hosting company you have chosen. But unfortunately there are plenty of myths making this place way too complicated for newbie website owners.

Many people claim that shared web hosting for multiple domains is a way too risky because all the websites share the same IP address, which means, if one website gets banned by search engines, others will be too.

Don’t you really think it’s as simple as that?

Let me explain you why. But before that I ask you to visit this website http://www.domaintools.com/research/reverse-ip/ for reverse IP lookup. All that you need to put your domain and press search button. This will return you a result showing you how many domains are already hosted on that IP address where your site is hosted.

Quite possible that you will find anything not less than 2500! Mine I am looking at is 2791 right now.

Just tell me one thing: do you really think that all these domains are acting legitimately in the sense that they’re obeying search engine’s rules and regulations and thereby not at risk of getting banned anyway? No, right?

So, if that theory was correct, your site can welcome banning in no time! But it doesn’t happen, right? This is really silly to assume that hosting on a same IP address can increase the risk of banning due to other websites. This is just a myth.

Any major search engines take URLs into account and not the IP.

But shared hosting is not really good for most of the web hosting companies and that is why you experience extremely slow speed unless you go for a dedicated server to host your website(s).

Is There Any Satisfactory Way?

Well, it’s true that if you buy from my link, I will get my affiliate commission, but I strongly recommend Hostgator not just to fill my own wallet (as you see I can do the same for others too, if I suggest other web hosting company), but I really want you to save time and money that I have already wasted on other so-called reliable web hosting companies.

Hostgator, the 130% green web hosting company, is the most reliable web hosting for multiple domains, even when it comes to shared hosting.

Well, What is Your Expectation as a Layman?

Speed, reliability, technologically easy and advanced and great customer support!

These are all that you must be looking for when you search for a reliable web hosting company offering support for multiple domains.

Take my experience. I have hosted not less than 10 domains from a single hosting account in Hostgator and all of them are running in a great speed without any loading time issue.

It’s just because of the reason, Hostgator is among few of the most reliable web hosting companies that come up with HTTP/1.1, the latest technology in Hypertext Transfer Protocol, ensuring an improved experience for the virtual hosting business that includes the hostname as a header and not by the IP address – that means the server can easily support multiple virtual hosts without really wasting IP addresses.

Result is Evident

When your site is running through the browser that supports HTTP/1.1 (most of the latest browsers do that), your website is viewed by the header and not by the IP address you are sharing.

This is why I strongly recommend going for Hostgator for web hosting multiple domains plan (with their monthly billing facility it has become increasingly easier to cancel whenever you want) and I am sure once you do that you’d love to share your own experience with the world just like I am doing it right now.