Web Hosting for Photographers

No matter if photography is your passion or profession, if you are planning to host a portfolio website, then you must need specialized web hosting solution for photographers.

But it’s not really easy to find one, considering some inevitable factors that photographers’ web hosting must need.

Speed Matters a Lot

When it comes to photography website, the first scary thing that comes in the mind of the site owner is loading time. Quite obviously, a photography website does usually have rich visuals, which means additional CSS and JavaScript, lots of images in page, design, more HTML codes, etc, resulting in greater page size (if not called externally) and ultimately excessively slow loading time.

Personal Note:
I’m currently using SiteGround hosting. Their Cpanel is very easy to use. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Siteground plans and pricing here

Complaints from Hosting Company

Sad but true! When you have huge volume of images, video files, audio files (quite obviously, you may have vivid interests in photography and that may gracefully include video photography as well), your so-called ‘reliable’ web hosting company may start complaining, if you are using a shared hosting plan, and insisting you to switch over to dedicated hosting plan (which makes a big difference on your monthly budget).

Even if you have signed up for unlimited transfer and unlimited bandwidth plan (sometimes even paying some extra for that), you may have to hear complaints from your hosting company and even worse they may shut down your website unless you switch over to their dedicated hosting plan.

Downtime – the Daemon!

Downtime is quite unfortunate for any website, but if it is a portfolio website and if it is down especially when you have just shared the link with your potential customers, you only know how it feels!

There are plenty of web hosts (some are even free) claim to be a great option for photography web hosting. But you need your website always up and running – isn’t it?

Not Every Photographer is a Techie Person

There is a huge difference between taking a beautiful photograph and creating a beautiful and user-friendly photography website from scratch. Not every photographer has the sufficient knowledge to build a website of their own. But hiring a web development company is not always an option.

Why I Strongly Recommend SiteGround?

When you choose SiteGround, they’ll help you with each and every need. There is absolutely no need to being techie.

Fantastico allows users to enjoy one-click installation of WordPress and any other CMS, shopping cart, payment gateway and more.

I am using them for the past one year and so far I have witnessed only excellent load balancing, uptime and speed. No matter if you are hosting a single domain or multiple domains; you just experience the best for your website(s), when you are with SiteGround.

My Personal Experience with SiteGround

Since I shifted to SiteGround, I never experienced any problem with any of my sites. If I have not told you already, I am using shared single hosting account for multiple domains (over 5 domains at this moment) and most of the sites are driving decent volume of traffic, but I don’t have any single reason to complain against SiteGround. And did I tell you that they support instant web hosting?

Now, it’s all up to you to decide. If I were at your place, I should have already signed up for SiteGround for photography web hosting.

So, what’s your take?