Most Reliable Web Hosting – Quick FAQ to Locate One

Most Reliable Web HostingWhen you plan to host your website, the next big thing that you search for is the most reliable web hosting service. Well, in fact this is the trickiest part that every website owner and webmaster has to face, at least when they search for the reliable web hosting for the first time in their life.

Options are too many, but it is the features that create the difference between web hosts. Let us evaluate those features and then only you can easily understand what your best bet is.

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Does Your Web Hosting Company Offer Multiple Hosting Plans?

Although it may look a seemingly unimportant subject if you are a first timer and do not have a clear hosting plan, but you find it increasingly important as time goes by.

A hosting plan for a small personal website may not be suitable to medium or large scale business owner. So it is really important that depending on your business type your web host must have flexible multiple hosting plans to choose from.

Be sure to check that none of the plans are anything less than unlimited transfer and unlimited bandwidth facility.

How Good Their Uptime Is?

Most of the web hosts claim that they have 99.99% uptime record. Strange enough, once I stumbled upon one extremely cheap web hosting company that claimed 100% uptime and whenever you get in contact with them, only one person with little or no knowledge at all pops up from customer care support.

Anyways, asking for the uptime statistics is possibly the worst idea to find out how reliable a web hosting company is. This is why you want to check out forums and take suggestions from like-minded experienced webmasters and site owners.

Another important thing that you must do is research thoroughly on their datacenter, its capacity, reliability, power supply and everything and anything that you feel is required to keep your website up and running without any hassles.

Are They Good in Customer Support and Technical Assistance?

Hostgator SupportThis is definitely a section that demands a lot of attention before you make any decision. You can personally evaluate all the sections and ask for their assistance even when you are not registered with them. Just make sure that they have instant chat messaging system enabled – after all, you need fast service and not just submitting tickets and waiting for unbearably long hours.

Do They Offer CPANEL?

Many web hosting companies do not offer CPANEL and make things utterly complicated for their users. For you, who do not know what CPANEL is; let me describe it for you.

CPANEL is a UNIX based control panel system that offers graphical user interface along with some useful automated tools making the web hosting process easier and flexible for all.

How Flexible Their Payment Option Is?

Though money is not everything, but when it comes to a recurring service, everyone prefers the least hassles, especially if one finds that the service is not a true value for money.

So, What’s My Recommendation?

When you opt for a reliable web hosting service, it’s important that you check if the hosting company provides monthly billing facility or not. This way you can be secured with your money and when you cancel, you just don’t need to bother about paying anything extra.

So, what’s up? What’s coming in your mind? Yes, you are absolutely right. This choice is obvious – Hostgator. It provides you with each of these features and more than that. Hostgator CPANEL is packed with most advanced Fantastico system that enables you one-click hosting. So no more worries for non-techie persons who think installing WordPress is nothing better than a nightmare.

Their datacenter is highly advanced and extremely secured with consistent power backup, hacker and virus proof technology makes it a prime choice for most of the top marketers and website owners. With their monthly billing system, Hostgator makes it an obvious choice for those who are looking for affordable reliable web hosting solution.

Last but not the least, their customer support and technical assistance are just beyond any doubts, as they never outsource customer support or technical assistance team. They have in-house facility.

So, are you still reading? What for? Move  to Hostgator, your best and most reliable web hosting friend.