Web Hosting Monthly Billing Facility – How This Helps in Evaluating a Hosting Company

Monthly Web HostingSay I am selling you a monthly service and you are not happy with that – what are you going to do? Asking me for a refund, right? But sometimes (read most of the times) it’s not free from hassles depending on the provider you are dealing with. So is true with web hosting.

Monthly billing facility is something that many web host companies offer so as to ensure you a safe and hassle-free transaction between hosting company and customers.

Also, it helps customers to get an idea how good the host is without really giving extra burden on their pocket. They pay monthly web hosting and if they don’t like, they just discontinue.

Personal Note: I’m using Hostgator baby plan for the past 3 years. They allow monthly payment. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Hostgator plans and pricing here

Is there Any Downside?

Although this is quite a common feature for most of the reputable and reliable web hosting companies on web, but there is one downside of this schema.

Many companies, even some big names, create issues when you are planning to discontinue their month to month web hosting plan. Most of which you may not find attractive, especially when you are not satisfied with the service and want to discontinue for some reason.

Another downside is that most hosting companies offer this web hosting monthly payment feature, but they charge a lot more just to obtain this facility.

What Makes My Web Hosting Company an Awesome Choice for Me?

Tell me if I recommend you a reliable and one of the most reputed web hosting companies that successfully avoid the above mentioned issues, what are you going to do?

If I were at your place, I run after. So I did three years back and now I am one of the happiest customers of this amazingly reliable web hosting company that not only allows me to pay monthly web hosting, but empowers me with one-click instant web hosting, extremely advanced CPanel and Fantastico, unlimited transfer, unlimited bandwidth and so on.

Let me share you a bit about the profile of the company. This company is recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in America and the second fastest growing private company in the business service segment. The company alone hosts more than 5 million domains that make up world’s 1% of internet traffic.

You must have already guessed the company. For those, who are new to this internet world, let me tell you, it is none other than Hostgator that allows you to enjoy web hosting against monthly payment scheme along with an unconditional 45 days money back guarantee. You can cancel their subscription any time you want and they are so much professionals that you don’t ever have to welcome any hassles at your end.

Also, Hostgator actually offers month to month web hosting benefit with all the plans they put on offer. They allow you pay monthly on any web hosting plan you choose. You can pay them by credit / debit card and PayPal. In fact, I was so skeptic when I first bought Hostgator web hosting account, I continued month to money web hosting plan for 6 months in a row, lol.

So, what are you still waiting for? It’s just the right time to choose the world’s best and most reliable web hosting service provider. Just take action now.

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