Instant Web Hosting – Can Waiting in the Queue Give You a Panic Attack?

Instant Web HostingSay, you have used your credit card already and booked the hosting, now when you try to access your account – you see that your account is still on hold and it asks for 24-72 hours to setup and activated. I don’t know how you feel, but this makes me mad. This is why I always prefer instant web hosting facility.

Instant activation web hosting, although promised but not actually offered by too many, is a feature that a very few and selective and reliable web hosting service providers offer. As the name suggests, your hosting account will be ready almost immediately after you purchase.

Personal Note: I’m using Hostgator baby plan for the past 3 years. They instantly activate your hosting account and you can publish your website immediately. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Hostgator plans and pricing here

Not All Hosting Providers Can Offer You Instant Web Hosting

Setting up a hosting account can be an intimidating and complicated task, if your hosting company is not right. Although many web hosting companies promise you to have your account ready in a minute, but in reality it hardly happens.

You have to wait for long, especially if you have your domain from other registrar and point to your hosting account, you may need to wait for a longer period of time due to DNS resolution issues (known as propagating) without getting any solid help from your hosting provider.

Also, some providers never come up with CPanel that makes the hosting setup process increasingly difficult for most of the newbie.

How Hostgator Can Help You Out

With Hostgator your hosting account will be activated almost immediately. In fact, your hosting panel is just ready for you to publish your websites. You receive email from support almost immediately after you setup your account and that email contains all the necessary details you need to get started.

Hostgator has the most advanced CPanel installed which is integrated with Fantastico that enables you one-click WordPress installation benefit, instant shopping cart and many more.

If you just check out the Hostgator CPanel demo on their website, you can see how advanced and easily accessible their CPanel is. With Fantastico, setting up and running your WordPress website is just a matter of few minutes.

With one-click software installation for more than 52 free scripts available in your account in just a few clicks and 4500 free readymade website templates, you can literally setup your new website hosting account almost immediately and effortlessly. So, you can see that web hosting instant activation is no more a myth with Hostgator.

My Personal Experience with Hostgator

Hostgator Web Hosting
In fact, recently I bought a domain from NameCheap and point it to my Hostgator hosting account and I got my domain up and running with my hosting account in less than 24 hours sharp. I did the same thing for other hosting service couple of months back; it took more than 72 hours to get the DNS resolved.

For those who do not know how to point a domain, let me tell you that you need to login to your domain control panel and change the name servers to that of your hosting name server. If your hosting account is fit and healthy, you can get your domain pointed to in 24-48 hours or less.

So, if you are looking for instant activation for web hosting, Hostgator is your best bet.