When searching for a reliable web hosting, you can’t possibly forget to mention the brand Hostgator.

But the hosting fee sometimes makes a few new users little upset.

Brent Oxley, the founder and chairman, with his innovative business mind resolves this issue by introducing Hostgator coupon codes to minimize the hosting fee as less as $0.01 a month.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, hold your breath tight as this article will share the secret key to treasure chest if you also want to host with Hostgator.

1 Cent Hosting

Yes, you can get hosting as less as 1 cent in your first month with Hostgator.

It is 2012 now. 10 years back in 2002 a dream was begun with Brent Oxley, the most innovative entrepreneur who dares to offer 1 cent hosting in the first month.


All that you need to do is use HAPPYMONTH coupon during your checkout and you are ready to test with this amazing service as less as 1 cent in your first month.

Get 25% OFF on Your First Purchase

Another useful discount that only a thoughtful marketer could provide is right here. This is possibly the best Hostgator discount coupon 2012. I recommend you to use SAVETODAY25. You can use it to get 25% discount.


This coupon works best if you purchase 6 months or more as upfront.

Why? Let me explain.

At present, Hostgator shared hosting plan starts from $3.96 / month and this hosting fee can be further discounted in price and you can get in as less as $3.71 per month and the multiple domains hosting pack comes in only $5.96 / month.

So, if you are going for monthly billing system, you will get just one month discount (since the offer is valid on the first purchase only).

Instead of going for monthly billing, you should buy the hosting pack for at least 6 months or more (after all, you are going to do a serious business, aren’t you?) and save maximum money.

Recommend Hosting Packages

I strongly recommend you to go for Baby plan. It allows you to host multiple domains under one hosting account.

Baby plan is the most popular one, especially the annual subscription. So, how do you save with Baby plan? Let’s do the math.

Regular payment for 12 months: $119.40

With this Hostgator coupon code (SAVETODAY25), you will get it in $89.55 and save $29.85

Regular payment for 24 months: $214.80

With this Hostgator coupon code (SAVETODAY25), you will get it in $161.10 and save $53.70

Regular payment for 36 months: $286.20

With this Hostgator coupon code (SAVETODAY25), you will get it in $214.65 and save $71.55

Still you are here!!! I am surprised to see you here even now! Go take action now before these wonderful Hostgator coupon codes disappear and give you no chance to save money.