Green Web Hosting – Is There Any Eco Friendly Web Hosting Service?

Green Web HostingIf you don’t know it already, let me tell you that IT sector is creating huge environmental impact and obviously not in positive sense. For those who still don’t believe in ‘climate change’, the bad news for them is – climate is changing due to technological pollution and it is REAL.

At this moment, 3-4% of all electricity (consequently the rate of carbon emission) used in this planet goes just to running the datacenters and giving you a solid reason to look for the best green web hosting service on web.

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In fact, the average server emits the same range of carbon as a fifteen mpg SUV!

Green web hosting is considerably a new idea adopted by not more than just a few hosting companies around the world. However, it is indeed a sensible decision to society, to environment and to the world.

 The Most Unfortunate Part

If you are planning to switch to green web hosting, it is a good decision for you. In fact, green web hosting is an imperative step in handling the issues like climate change.

But be conscious of the fact that not all GREEN hosting companies are actually green. In fact, they are not even close to what they claim. As soon as you start inquiring them, you can find out that they are not really doing green.

Some of them ask for additional price from their customers in the name of the best green web hosting service on planet!

Going Green is The Only Option Left to Save The Planet

When you choose a reliable web hosting company to host your single domain or multiple domains, you can be rest assured that you’re doing all that you can do to minimize your company’s carbon footprints from this planet.

As you know already, the volume of carbon emission even from an average server is so high, so you can easily imagine how much carbon is actually emitted from the web hosting servers of a single web hosting company.

Why Hostgator is a “Real” Green Web Hosting Provider

Hostgator has purchased Wind Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from the best REC providers 3Degrees ensuring 130% wind powered reseller and shared servers (and not other hosting companies to my knowledge have gone so far yet). They use renewable energy to both power and cool their servers, whereas many so-called best green web hosting service providers only offset the electricity used to power their servers, and that’s all they do.

If you don’t know the difference, let me tell you that it creates a REAL BIG difference, as because every server produces a lot of heat and 1-2 watts of electricity are just needed to cool down the server(s).

So what does it imply?

Hostgator, the best and most reliable web hosting company, invests nearly twice on renewable energy on a per server basis, whereas the so-called green hosts only invest in renewable energy to power their servers.

Secondly, Hostgator has invested in getting the certification from REC, which means all of the REC’s of Hostgator are not just verified, but also tracked and monitored. Many green hosting companies choose an alternative cheaper way, but Hostgator does it the right way.

Why REC, There are Some Other Options Too!

Yes, there are options like Certified Emission Reductions (CER) and Verified / Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER). But what makes REC an option for Hostgator?

Well, while VER and CER represent 1 metric ton of avoided or reduced CO2 emissions, REC stands for 1 additional megawatt of North American Wind Power, which can only be generated by the production of renewable energy.

RECs allow Hostgator to use renewable energy right at the source and aid the production of clean power, rather than reimbursing other company for not polluting the environment. Since almost all the emissions are coming from electricity and RECs are the only direct way to deal with this electricity related carbon emissions issue, investing on RECs makes much better sense than investing on other options.

Hostgator Green Certificate

The Role You Can Play

I am not here to make you feel guilty about not going green. But facts are clear that our environment is becoming unstable and going for an eco-friendly green web hosting solution can make a difference.

So, one thing that you can do right at this point is switch to Hostgator, if you haven’t already. Take action today – this planet needs your active involvement.