Domain Registration and Web Hosting – An Essential Guide to Newbies

Domain Registration and Web HostingAlthough I have mentioned this as a guide to newbies in my title, but I believe this article is worth the read even for the veterans when it comes to domain registration and web hosting.

Basically many of us simply do not have much idea when they need to find a perfect domain registrar or a web host. They simply take their decision randomly or based on some arbitrary information they found on the net and finally repent as long as they do not have any chance to switch.

Personal Note: I’m using Namecheap for my domain registration and Hostgator for hosting. This website is also hosted at Hostgator. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Hostgator plans and pricing here

Let’s face it. You are a newbie and all these things seem too new to you. In fact, you find things way too complicated, especially the techie parts. So, what will you do? You will run into forums and try to convince people to share their years-long experience with you regarding domain registration and web hosting.

But is this enough? Guess not!

Why? Let’s find out.

What Happens If the Domain Registrar You Choose Is Not that Good?

Your condition can be extremely pathetic. Take my experience when I was a newbie just like you and chose some other registrar. Right now, I am better off with NameCheap and GoDaddy.

So, what happened to me?

When I registered, I encountered absolutely no trouble at all. I heard that their interface was too easy for a newbie and this was the main reason that I chose them. My first year went smoothly until the time came for renewal and I found that my domains were expiring, even when they were all set to auto-renewal.

When I contacted them, they assured me that it was nothing but a temporary problem (though a breathtaking incident for me) and that happened because of their transition from a domain reseller to a domain registrar.

Although it sounded quite a reasonable excuse by that time, I soon realized that it was not so easy to cope up when the same thing repeated for my other domains I registered later. I found it alarming especially after I heard that someone had lost huge money on the domain transfer issue.

Why NameCheap?

Basically you can use NameCheap and GoDaddy alternatively, but I prefer NameCheap most and that’s why I am using it for all my websites.

Domain transfer can make a big issue if your registrar is not good enough. When you transfer a domain, you must have the domain unlocked, have the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) authorization code and have your email address on the Whois. NameCheap is excellent with all these issues.

With BAD BOYS like I stated before, you may encounter problems like not having your domain(s) unlocked, not having your own email address but the registrar’s address (look like you are paying for someone else’s domain) and in the worst case, some domains never show you the EPP code!

So, always choose reputed domain registrar like NameCheap or GoDaddy and play safe.

Web Hosting Should Come at Ease

I agree that there are tons of web hosts all around and some of them are offering pretty competitive price. But like most of the top marketers my personal preference goes with Hostgator.

Unlike other hosting companies like Bluehost or iPage, which offer only one package to all, Hosgator incorporates a wide range of web hosting services with lots of different hosting plans.

Their plans include Hatchling, Baby and Business. You can easily try them with Hatchling plan if you have only one domain to host with them. Later if you find them satisfied (and I am sure you will) and plan to host multiple domains, you can easily upgrade to Baby plan for free at prorated basis.

Business plan is somewhat different and it offers dedicated IP address, anonymous FTP connection, SSL certificate, toll-free number and so on.

Why Hostgator?

Well, to be frank with you, I really don’t find any reason to discuss any no-name web hosting company and compare it with Hostgator. Here are some reasons (and obviously the fear of not getting these benefits from other hosting) that prompt me all the time go for Hostgator, even for my clients:

  • Outstandingly reliable web hosting – I never experienced any downtime with any of my thirty websites presently running with them. Apart from that, they offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transfer with monthly billing facility. What more could you be asking for?
  • Advanced customer support – they do not outsource their customer support, all are done in house and you can expect nothing less than extremely professional support 24/7 through forum, chat, phone, email and tickets.
  • CPanel – although many other hosting companies use CPanel, but Hostgator simply rules them all in terms of features, speed and user friendly interface.
  • Datacenter – they have the top-notch datacenter located at Texas and the latest technology of their datacenters ensures that their servers always stay cool, secure and up.

Do I need to share anything more or do you already have enough reason to move to NameCheap for Domain Registration and Hostgator for hosting?