When searching for a reliable web hosting, you can’t possibly forget to mention the brand Hostgator.

But the hosting fee sometimes makes a few new users little upset.

Brent Oxley, the founder and chairman, with his innovative business mind resolves this issue by introducing Hostgator coupon codes to minimize the hosting fee as less as $0.01 a month.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, hold your breath tight as this article will share the secret key to treasure chest if you also want to host with Hostgator.

1 Cent Hosting

Yes, you can get hosting as less as 1 cent in your first month with Hostgator.

It is 2012 now. 10 years back in 2002 a dream was begun with Brent Oxley, the most innovative entrepreneur who dares to offer 1 cent hosting in the first month.


All that you need to do is use HAPPYMONTH coupon during your checkout and you are ready to test with this amazing service as less as 1 cent in your first month.

Get 25% OFF on Your First Purchase

Another useful discount that only a thoughtful marketer could provide is right here. This is possibly the best Hostgator discount coupon 2012. I recommend you to use SAVETODAY25. You can use it to get 25% discount.


This coupon works best if you purchase 6 months or more as upfront.

Why? Let me explain.

At present, Hostgator shared hosting plan starts from $3.96 / month and this hosting fee can be further discounted in price and you can get in as less as $3.71 per month and the multiple domains hosting pack comes in only $5.96 / month.

So, if you are going for monthly billing system, you will get just one month discount (since the offer is valid on the first purchase only).

Instead of going for monthly billing, you should buy the hosting pack for at least 6 months or more (after all, you are going to do a serious business, aren’t you?) and save maximum money.

Recommend Hosting Packages

I strongly recommend you to go for Baby plan. It allows you to host multiple domains under one hosting account.

Baby plan is the most popular one, especially the annual subscription. So, how do you save with Baby plan? Let’s do the math.

Regular payment for 12 months: $119.40

With this Hostgator coupon code (SAVETODAY25), you will get it in $89.55 and save $29.85

Regular payment for 24 months: $214.80

With this Hostgator coupon code (SAVETODAY25), you will get it in $161.10 and save $53.70

Regular payment for 36 months: $286.20

With this Hostgator coupon code (SAVETODAY25), you will get it in $214.65 and save $71.55

Still you are here!!! I am surprised to see you here even now! Go take action now before these wonderful Hostgator coupon codes disappear and give you no chance to save money.


Failure is the pillar of success – you must have heard this adage before. But only a few people know about one high school student who planned to venture a successful web hosting company.

But unlike life is not as smooth as most people think, he experienced failure several times until he became able to found one of the largest and successful web hosting companies of this world.

He is Brent Oxley, the founder and chairman of Hostgator.

Being the person with strong determination with the potential to turn one-man futile hosting company into the industry leader with over 350 employees, Brent Oxley perfectly deserves the crown of one of the most successful entrepreneurs of this decade (possibly centuries, who knows).

What Is Hostgator in Brief?

Hostgator, as most people know, is a Houston based web hosting company with an additional presence in Austin, Texas. Brent Oxley founded it in 2002 from his dorm room, when he was a student at Florida Atlantic University.

In 2003, Hostgator catered only 112 clients, whereas now the company boasts having over 7,000,000 domains hosted with them.

The figure is quite impressive, isn’t it?

Web Hosting Plans They Offer

No matter what the size of your business, Hostgator can cater to your every need. This is why Hostgator comes up with a whole host of plans that you can choose according to your requirement and budget.

Hostgator offers shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Each plan comes up with different options.

Shared web hosting got three packages: Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan

So, you can see Hostgator has rooms for you to grow. With easy upgrade and monthly billing and monthly payment facilities, Hostgator is the company that you can consider to host your domains.
Did I tell you that Hostgator works great for hosting multiple domains as well? Except the hatchling plan, you can have unlimited domains and unlimited sub-domains hosted with them in a single hosting account.

Reliability Matters

With 99.9% uptime guarantee Hostgator comes up with a 45 days full money back guarantee. So you can see that the deal is fully secured.

All their datacenters are located out of the world-class Planet Datacenter in Texas. Unlike to any other contemporary web hosting companies, most of the servers of Hostgator are located there, which has made them as the largest client.

With their certification to renewable energy credits (REC), Hostgator has achieved the crown of green hosting company.

I am personally using Hostgator for last three years without any single trouble. Presently I am using shared hosting plan and over 10 websites are hosted in my single hosting account, but I never faced any downtime, ever.

Is It Too Costly?

Well, it’s not cheap. The hosting fee of Hostgator is not much compared to the industry standard.

However, if you want to make your deal more affordable, you can always use Hostgator discount coupon and unbelievably you can try your first month for $0.01. Can you believe it?

Well, enough of discussion! Now it’s time to take action. Are you in?


How to Host a Website
If you are planning to start an online business, you must want to look for solutions on how to host a website. For me, it was the most rewarding experience for me when I decided for the first time to host my website.

Honestly speaking, it was not that easy due to information overload.

Just not letting you to go through the same troubles that I experienced during my initial days, here I have shared the most valuable information that you’d like to learn about.

Here we go.

Pick Your Domain Name

Even before you pick your domain, you should have a clear idea about the niche you choose. Accordingly have your keywords researched. Choose a domain name that represents your business or niche.

Go to Namecheap.com to buy your domain.  I register all my domains there. Alternatively, you can also go for GoDaddy.com.

But having your domain isn’t enough for your website. Is it?

Without having a reliable web hosting, you cannot do anything with your domain.

Choose Your Hosting

This is the trickiest decision that you have to make.

Choosing the right hosting service can make or break your online business. Trust me.

So, you have to make an informed decision. The question is how.

Find a Reliable Hosting Service: After all, who wants to see his site down at the peak hours? Nobody wants. In your quest on how to host a website, the first thing you should look for is reliability. Don’t go after claim of the company, count of web hosting reviews based on personal experiences.

Unlimited Bandwidth with Unlimited Space: Don’t go for limited options. Although it doesn’t look like an imperative choice during the initial days, but it has to be as soon as you gain more hits.

Unlimited Email Accounts: When it comes to a good hosting plan, you can be the least assured of having unlimited email accounts with ultra easier setup facilities.

Website Creation Tools: Everyone is not a great web designer, not everyone wants to spend money on overpriced web designers as well. So an ideal hosting company must have website creation tools integrated with it.

Tracking: After all, what could be more powerful and accurate tracking system than your host? Possibly, no one! This is why I always recommend going for hosting that enables real time tracking facility.

Change Current DNS to Web Host

If you are a newbie, you may assume it a difficult job at the first glance. But in reality let me assure you that it is not.

In fact, it’s pretty simple.

For Namecheap.com, all that you need is to login to your account and click on Manage Domains. Now select the domain you’d like to modify. By clicking on Domain Name Server Setup option, you can customize the nameservers of your domain. All that you need to do is select Specify Custom DNS Server and insert nameservers accordingly. Click on Save Changes to save.

For GoDaddy.com, the process is almost similar. You need to login to your account and select the domain you want to modify nameservers for. The details will be appeared on the right bar. There click on the link called click here to see details or to modify and then change it to your custom nameservers.

Note: If you choose the same service for both domain registration and web hosting, they will do this step for you.

Host Your Website

Once you find the right hosting company; now it’s your turn to host your website.

Well, when you start for the first time, it may look a little difficult task to create all the pages manually and then uploading it via FTP.

So ideally a reliable hosting company must have site builder with readymade templates installed in your hosting account.

Also, you should also look for features like CPanel and Fantastico along with Shopping Cart just in case if you plan to build a WordPress enabled website or ecommerce site.

Considering all these factors, only one name is coming in my mind and that is none other than Hostgator.

Hostgator, the green web hosting company, has it all with a regular and affordable hosting fee – be it the latest control panel with most advanced tracking facility, Fantastico, shopping cart, unlimited email features, free site builder with more than 4,500 free but beautiful website templates and so on.

Also with their instant web hosting facility, building and running your site is a matter of minutes.

The possibilities are simply endless, sometimes more than a newbie (or even a veteran) can handle.

Now, it’s your turn to make a move as you already know how to host a website easily with Hostgator.


Web Hosting with Shopping CartWell, think about the scenario when you visit your nearest shopping mall last time. What do the shopping executives do? They help you with a shopping cart, so that you can choose and keep the products you want.

So is equally true for any online business.

If you have a business website, having your web hosting with shopping cart feature must be what you are looking for.

But things are way too different when it comes to ecommerce website than that of a physical shopping mall. It is mainly because of online frauds and security issues.

People when shop from your website want to know if their transaction details are safe with your website or not. Gaining trust online is not an easy job. They need to make a secured choice with their most confidential information such as legal names, credit card details, address, DOB, etc.

But There Is a Serious Problem

Unfortunately, not all web hosting companies can come up with up to the mark web hosting with shopping cart facility.

Usually they come up with problems like –

Not Enough Secured: Getting you at higher risk of being hacked by the hackers

Not Enough Stable: Not all third party shopping scripts can work well. For example, GoDaddy doesn’t support many scripts running with Ioncube loader, or at least they create lots of complications.

Most of times, it is really difficult to manage for a technically challenged person.

Not Enough Reliable: Reliability is a major factor when it comes to web hosting with shopping cart feature. After all, you don’t want to lose your customers just because your site is down or broken into pieces.

Not Compatible to All Plans – This is a strange problem that is common to many web hosting companies. They do not allow web hosting with shopping cart feature enabled in all their plans. Really silly way to send the products with higher price tag, isn’t it?

Why Hostgator is the Best Solution

To me, as always Hostgator is the best solution.


Is this just because I am promoting them? Nah, Nada, No!

Being a long-term user of Hostgator (completing my three years now) and hosting over 10 website with them, I never faced any problems with Hostgator.

More important, Hostgator web hosting with shopping cart facility comes with each and every web hosting plan.

The bottom line is: no matter what the size of your business, no matter what plan you choose according to your budget, Hostgator web hosting is always there for you.

Secondly, Hostgator supports almost all major third-party ecommerce solutions including Magneto, Noah’s Quicksell Classifieds, phpCOIN, PrestaShop, SugarCRM, TomatoCart, Vtiger CRM and ZenCart.

And that also you can install through QuickInstall through CPanel – there is no need to install the script manually even.

This is not all.

Hostgator also integrates an in-built shopping cart feature to make your ecommerce web hosting experience much easier and effective.

This is called ShopSite, a fully integrated SE optimized shopping cart with advanced and secured payment facilities. Depending on what your specific requirement is, you can choose from Starter, Manager or Pro pack.

So, choice is all yours. I would recommend you to go for Hostgator because they are not only reliable, but have all those features that you need in a web hosting with shopping cart enabled service. Also they have monthly billing with monthly payments facility, so the choice is really flexible for you. Now it’s your turn to decide.


One of the most common things that come to your mind when you are about to set your online business is how to choose a domain name. If you are a first timer with a desire to have your own website, this article can surely help you out.

Before I help you choose a domain name for your business, let me remind you some important points that will surely help you in brainstorming the name for your upcoming website.

A good domain name must be –

Unique: let it stand apart from the crowd. Be creative and create unique name that represents your online objective well.

Easy to spell: don’t let the tongue to twist while pronouncing or spelling your domain name. Make it easy for others.

Short: keep it short and sweet (take example of all big brands like Facebook, Google and Yahoo – all use short names, easy to remember), so that people can remember it easily. Having dash between words can make it clumsy. Don’t go for it unless there are no other viable options left for you.

Step 1: Make It Keyword Integrated

Unless you are building a company website, you might need a keyword integrated domain name. Many people wonder how to choose a domain name with keywords in it.

I recommend you to go for Google Keywords Tool or Market Samurai, which one you choose, can give you a good idea about the keywords you can target for your domain name.

Step 2: Research on Domain

It’s quite possible that the domains you target are already booked by someone else.

Finding each name manually could be a tedious and almost impossible task. Use either Domain Tools or Domain Samurai to do this job for you. The first one is really handy in finding out aged domain, while the last can help in finding good domain names.

Step 3: Trademark Research

Poking your nose into other’s property can get you into serious trouble. So it’s better to take precaution earlier.

Do a trademark research. For US based business, you can visit TESS, and for non-US based business, search in your local government office dealing with intellectual property or trademark issues.

Step 4: Brainstorm Domain Names

Not a reason of shame, but sometimes people may act so numb, especially when they have to act more creatively.

So mostly happens when time comes to brainstorming domain names, especially adding a suffix or prefix to your keyword.

With the advent of wonderful online tools, you can generate domain name ideas without really getting yourself into the troubles of being a hyper-creative person.

These tools are NameBoy and NameStation – both of them help in generating a wide number of domain names based on your requirements.

Step 5: Register your Domain Name

When it comes to how to choose a domain name, this step, yet the most important, comes as the last step. Register your domain from either NameCheap or GoDaddy – these two are believed to be the best registrars till this moment. There are no close competitors to them.

Getting wrong domain registrars can bring you serious catastrophe in your life.

So, when you have already learned how to choose a domain name, what are the reasons that are holding you still here? Go, take action now and enjoy your own site.


Web Hosting for Photographers

No matter if photography is your passion or profession, if you are planning to host a portfolio website, then you must need specialized web hosting solution for photographers.

But it’s not really easy to find one, considering some inevitable factors that photographers’ web hosting must need.

Speed Matters a Lot

When it comes to photography website, the first scary thing that comes in the mind of the site owner is loading time. Quite obviously, a photography website does usually have rich visuals, which means additional CSS and JavaScript, lots of images in page, design, more HTML codes, etc, resulting in greater page size (if not called externally) and ultimately excessively slow loading time.

Personal Note:
I’m currently using SiteGround hosting. Their Cpanel is very easy to use. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Siteground plans and pricing here

Complaints from Hosting Company

Sad but true! When you have huge volume of images, video files, audio files (quite obviously, you may have vivid interests in photography and that may gracefully include video photography as well), your so-called ‘reliable’ web hosting company may start complaining, if you are using a shared hosting plan, and insisting you to switch over to dedicated hosting plan (which makes a big difference on your monthly budget).

Even if you have signed up for unlimited transfer and unlimited bandwidth plan (sometimes even paying some extra for that), you may have to hear complaints from your hosting company and even worse they may shut down your website unless you switch over to their dedicated hosting plan.

Downtime – the Daemon!

Downtime is quite unfortunate for any website, but if it is a portfolio website and if it is down especially when you have just shared the link with your potential customers, you only know how it feels!

There are plenty of web hosts (some are even free) claim to be a great option for photography web hosting. But you need your website always up and running – isn’t it?

Not Every Photographer is a Techie Person

There is a huge difference between taking a beautiful photograph and creating a beautiful and user-friendly photography website from scratch. Not every photographer has the sufficient knowledge to build a website of their own. But hiring a web development company is not always an option.

Why I Strongly Recommend SiteGround?

When you choose SiteGround, they’ll help you with each and every need. There is absolutely no need to being techie.

Fantastico allows users to enjoy one-click installation of WordPress and any other CMS, shopping cart, payment gateway and more.

I am using them for the past one year and so far I have witnessed only excellent load balancing, uptime and speed. No matter if you are hosting a single domain or multiple domains; you just experience the best for your website(s), when you are with SiteGround.

My Personal Experience with SiteGround

Since I shifted to SiteGround, I never experienced any problem with any of my sites. If I have not told you already, I am using shared single hosting account for multiple domains (over 5 domains at this moment) and most of the sites are driving decent volume of traffic, but I don’t have any single reason to complain against SiteGround. And did I tell you that they support instant web hosting?

Now, it’s all up to you to decide. If I were at your place, I should have already signed up for SiteGround for photography web hosting.

So, what’s your take?