Why Choose the Texas Web Hosting Company, HostGator, for your Website?

HostGator is the best choice for Texas web hosting.  They are actually located in Houston, Texas and not only are they a great choice for hosting in this state, but they are also one of the largest web hosting companies in the world with over 2 million members currently.

Finding the right web hosting service for your project is not always that easy, but with HostGator you will have everything you need.

Personal Note: I’m using Hostgator baby plan for the past 3 years. This website is also hosted at Hostgator. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and support. See Hostgator plans and pricing here

One of the new and improved reasons many are choosing to go with this Houston web hosting company is because they are also a green web hosting choice.  This means they do not use just electricity to cool their servers, but purchase credits for wind power to help reduce the amount of electricity used and help clean up the environment.

There are many different options available with HostGator including shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and even dedicated server hosting.  This gives you an option for any type of project you are trying to complete and with any of these options you will have reliable web hosting for your website and/or blog.

The Different Hosting Plans from HostGator

Texas Web Hosting - Hostgator
Within each type of hosting there are different plans you can choose from.  Shared hosting has plans ranging from $3.96 per month all the way up to $14.95 per month.  It all depends if you decide to pay for a full year or more at a time or if you choose to go with the monthly billing option.  Here are a few of the differences from the plan with the lowest hosting fee to the plan with the highest.

Hatchling Plan – $3.96 – $7.16 per month

The Hatchling Plan from Hostgator will give you the ability to host a single domain name with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and a shared SSL certificate. This is the most basic package and if you pay for three full years up front you can get the lowest price.  However, if you prefer hosting on a monthly basis you are going to pay the higher end price.

Baby Plan – $6.96 – $7.96 per month

The Baby Plan will give you the ability to host multiple domains along with everything that comes with the Hatchling Plan.  This is perfect for those starting out with plans to put up more than one website or blog on more than one domain name. Without this upgrade you will not be able to host a second domain name unless you open a second hosting account.

Business Plan – $10.36 – $11.96 per month

The Business Plan is the best choice for shared hosting and the most expensive.  It will give you all of the options you get with the Hatchling Plan and the Baby Plan, but you also get a free Toll Free Number for your business along with the added security of a free Private SSL and IP.  This can help out if you need to use the shopping cart feature and you need added security.

All of these plans will give you access to use the cPanel and Fantastico script, which contains popular platforms like WordPress and Joomla.  They can be set up very fast and this is considered to be instant web hosting as well.  If you are looking for shared hosting you cannot go wrong with this Houston web hosting company.

The Other Options Offered by HostGator

When you need more than just regular domain registration and web hosting you may need to upgrade to VPS hosting or a dedicated server.  This can be more expensive, but If you expect to get a large amount of traffic or you need heightened security you will want to choose one of these options.

VPS hosting from HostGator starts as low as $15.96 per month and can get as expensive as $209.95.  The price is completely based on how much space and resources you need for your site.  With VPS hosting you are basically renting a partition of the server instead of the entire server.  This saves you a little bit of money while still giving you many of the benefits of dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting from Hostgator can give you even more security and resources.  This hosting ranges from $139 per month all the way up to $374 a month.  You have the choice of using a Windows server or a Linux server with this Houston web hosting company and the larger the server is the more expensive it will be.

Whether your project requires a dedicated server, VPS hosting, or just shared web hosting one of the top choices is HostGator.  They are considered by many to be a very reliable hosting company with top level customer service and support.  Anybody wanting to start a website or blog will be hard-pressed to find a better Texas web hosting company.

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans

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